Legend of Freddy Mercury 
Spirit, Motivation and Positive Energy

I spend my Saturday night with my lovely Prince going to the Cinema watching BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY the Legend of Freddy Mercury and QUEEN.

Spirit Live from Nothing become the Legend in the World and doing Charity before die is really amazing and talented.

Freddy Mercury is the one who always doing the best and great thing in every Step on his career and never give up whatever he has illness and he always have good spirit and good work until his die.

I learn many thing from this movie, there is not only motivation but also how to wake up and how to focus on our work after we have many mistake.

I learn about love from family, friend also colleagues, love with sincerity and no doubt.

Before he dies, he still doing his best and write some song, he wants world known that who is Freddy Mercury, human who always have high spirit and energy whatever he has right now, his illness.

2018 almost end but we still can catch up our Annual Target and Our Dream, Never Give Up, Doing The Best and Get Many Goal before end of the 2018 is a must, if Freddy Mercury and Queen can do it, We Also Can Do It.

I am not motivator but I believed that I Can Do It and Also You Can Do It.

Please listen WE ARE THE CHAMPION and Please read following texts from Freddy Mercury’s song wish can make us wake up from our sleep and grab our target in this 2018.

We are the champions - my friends 
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end - 
We are the champions - 
We are the champions 
No time for losers 'Cause we are the champions - of the world - 
Good Luck and Enjoy your weekend, wish my word can make you close with your dream and Target.

I love you all my friends.

Best Regards 
Widia Winoto 


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